Gearing up for 2016

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have come into effect and the ambitions are high: by 2030, the maternal mortality rate is to be decreased by half. In co-operation with the International Confederation of Midwives, we’re stepping up our efforts accordingly. On this year’s International Day of the Midwife on May 5 we are acknowledging the daily heroism of midwives around the world by telling the stories of the people working tirelessly to ensure the survival and wellbeing of mothers and their children. From Abuja to Hanoi, this year we celebrate excellence in midwifery all over the world.

 Our mission to shed light on the importance of midwives started in 2015. Fueled by the medical journal The Lancet’s evidence-based series on midwifery, the Midwives4All initiative started out small with a co-creational workshop in London. From there the campaign grew, and by the end of last year a vast number of events had been held around the world in order to spread knowledge about the life-sustaining power of midwives; ranging from music videos promoting every woman’s right to a midwife in Angola to a photo exhibition on young midwives in training in Bangladesh.

In 2016 we’re increasing our efforts even further and with the help of our partners at the International Confederation of Midwives we hope to speak with a louder voice than ever before on behalf of mothers, children and midwives everywhere.

Follow the cause at #midwives4all and stay tuned for the recipients of this year’s Excellence in Midwifery award on May 5.